2018 Officers, Mentors & Manuals


The Advisory Board is made up of volunteers to mentor the Student Executive Board of officers. The Colony/Chapter President and Each V.P. has an experienced alumni mentor available to them for council when the experience of an alumni can aid their leadership.  The faculty advisor on the board is also the general advisor to the fraternity at large and has the knowledge of the university’s current policies and expectations.


    President- Don Dangremond (’72)  - Retired Clarkson Alumni Relations

            don.dangremond@clarkson.edu   (315) 323-2716

    VP Administration -Jonathan Knauth (’86) - VP Technical Director of Critical Imaging, LLC

            jpk@jknauth.com   (315) 725-6940

    VP External Relations- Whitey Hansen (’54) - Bank President and Clarkson Admissions

            lhansen4@twcny.rr.com   (315) 265-4423

    VP Loss Prevention- Charles Carvel (’68) - Former Canton NY Town Engineer

            Charles Carvel*('68)   (315) 854-4351

    VP Administration Recruitment- Bob Storms (’74) - President Stebbins Engineering

            rjstorms@stebbinseng.com    (315) 782-3000

    VP Academic Excellence- Dr. Michael Ramsdell - Clarkson Dir. of 1st year Physics

            ramsdemw@clarkson.edu     (315) 268-2347

    VP Membership Education- Darcy Eikenberg - Owner Red Cape Revolution

           WWW.RedCapeRevolution.com     (404) 313-0278

    VP Finance- Rob Brai (’84) - V.P. and Clarkson DU Alumni Corp. Treasurer

            njblues15@gmail.com   (732) 690-7430

    Clarkson Faculty Advisor- Steve Smalling - sssmalli@clarkson.edu  (315) 268-4368

    Clarkson Faculty Advisor- Kristina Fletcher - kfletche@clarkson.edu  (315) 268-4383

     Former Faculty Advisor- Dr Michael Ramsdell -  Visiting Assistant Professor Physics

2018 Student Executive Board

President: Ryan Azer  azerrm@clarkson.edu

VP of Recruitment: Chris Sowden  sowdencm@clarkson.edu

VP of Academic Excellence: Shayne Costonguay  castonsc@clarkson.edu

VP of Member Education: Justin Restorff   restorjr@clarkson.edu

VP of Loss Prevention: Jerry Miller milleri@clarkson.edu

VP of Administration: Trevor Leinenbach  leinentd@clarkson.edu

VP of External Relations: Joshua Raboiraboinja@clarkson.edu

VP of Finance: Kyle Thomson  thomso@clarkson.edu


House Manager-  Noah Poirier  poirienk@clarkson.edu

Sports Chairman-  Christian Departo  departc@clarkson.edu

Philanthropy Chairman- Spencer Conway  conway@clarkson.edu

Social Chairman- Ben Roy  roybr@clarkson.edu

Service Chairman- Josh Miller  jomille@clarkson.edu

Social Media- Steve Criscione  criscisg@clarkson.edu

Parental Relations- Pat Erickson  erickspm@clarkson.edu

Kitchen Stewart- Andrew Shaw  shawah@clarkson.edu

Historian- Kevin Wells  wellskj@clarkson.edu

Alumni Board

President: James Conway ’83  ~ jconway75@nycap.rr.com

Vice President: Jonathan  Knauth ’86  ~ jpk@jknauth.com

Treasurer: Rob Brai ’84  ~ njblues15@gmail.com

Secretary: Chuck Phillips ’64  ~ capiii@sbcglobal.net

Director: Jos Cerruto ’58  ~ josephcerruto@gmail.com

Director: Travis Decker ’18  ~ tldecker08@gmail.com

Director: Art Scottow ’69  ~  scottow@hotmail.com

Director: Gregg Steiner ’16  ~  gggsteiner@gmail.com

Director: Paul Zolin ’59   ~ pfz1@me.com

FL Alumni Reunion Committee

Stub Estey ’64  ~ stubestey@gmail.com

Chuck Phillips ’64  ~ capiii@sbcglobal.net

Paul Zolin ’59  ~ pfz1@me.com

The Colony Manual                The Advisors Handbook

Adopted September 6, 2018