Lambda Iota Delta Upsilon Centennial Celebration  

October 4-6, 2019

100 Years ago, 30 young men gathered with Professor Royale to start the third Fraternity at Clarkson College of Technology, Lambda Iota. Not long after its founding the fraternity would find its home within a large victorian house like no other. That house would infamously become known by generations of brothers and locals alike, as 30 Elm. 

The nature of how this house was purchased would set the tone for the next 100 years of the fraternities presence at Clarkson College, now Clarkson University. Bill Johnson, a Clarkson student in 1922 was told by a Potsdam lawyers daughter that the big white house, formerly owned by a local bootlegger, needed to be sold. Bill offered $10,000 to the bank without a down payment on the premise that the property needed a good deal of work. This offer was refused, and Bill had to inform his brothers at the first house meeting that fall that he was not successful in purchasing the property. It just so happened that one of the members of the fraternity by the name of Burbank, cut and cared for the president of the bank's lawn that summer. A few weeks later, the president of the bank reached out to Burbank, requesting to speak with Bill Johnson. The president informed Bill that the bank would accept his offer for $10,000 without a down payment. 

A college kid had just managed to purchase a huge victorian house for an organization just a few years old, through networking.

From that moment on, generations of young men would find themselves involved in situations and responsibilities because of their involvement in Lambda Iota, and later, Delta Upsilon. Those experiences and the bonds they made with one another would shape who they would become and be attributed to many of their life long successes.

We find ourselves today looking back on the proud traditions of our past and to the future, to celebrate those successes of the last 100 years, and to continue the rich legacy of Lambda Iota through the thriving Clarkson Chapter of Delta Upsilon.

On Behalf of Brotherhood, you are Invited to the Centennial Celebration of Lambda Iota Delta Upsilon.

The celebration will highlight the rich history and accomplishments of the fraternity, while positioning ourselves for the fraternities continued success over the next 100 years.

The Centennial Celebration will be held on the weekend of October 4, 2019 to highlight the fraternity's ongoing connection to the campus, the student body, and the community. The centennial celebration will take place as follows:

Oct 4 Friday Evening Banquette-(Black Tie Optional) The celebration will kickoff with  dinner in the renovated Old Main. The downtown setting will be nostalgic for many alumni with the focus of the evening being a celebration of the fraternity’s rich history and our shared memories, friendships and brotherhood with an evening of good cheer, music and fine food. President Tony Collins and his wife Karen as well as other Clarkson and Community leaders will be invited, showcasing the century old connection between the fraternity the University and the Potsdam community.

Oct 5 Saturday Afternoon BBQ and Dedication- A casual event held at the on campus chapter house for undergraduate and alumni brothers to enjoy. There will be a special dedication within the chapter house to highlight very notable alumni in their accomplishments beyond their time at Clarkson University. 

Oct 5 Saturday Evening Campus Wide Celebration- The focus will be giving back to the Clarkson student body. This will be in the form of a fireworks display. The DU Alumni Corp already is a leader in student involvement. Cold Out Gold Out is the universities recreation of the Ice Carnival, which currently focuses largely on alumni. The DU Alumni Corp has brought back the ice carnival competition between the on campus houses, and is growing every year.

Oct 6 Sunday AM Presentation of Flags???

Where Our Registration Dollars Will Be Going: Our founding year at Clarkson University will be the basis of the centennial fundraising focus. The all included weekend registration for one brother and guest will $191.90, or a commitment over 5 years to donate $1,919 (1919 donors will receive special recognition). The purpose of the fundraising will be divided in these 4 ways:

1.) Alumni Recognition- The Alumni Corp will be dedicating the first floor bedroom of the chapter house to distinguished alumni. 

2.) DU Undergraduate Benefit- A portion of the funds raised will be put towards helping with the financial burden of sending members to leadership events. The undergraduate body has put great importance on leadership events within Delta Upsilon International since it's refounding. These efforts have done wonders in building the future leadership within the house. These efforts are leaving a great impact with DU International, and there is no better example than the recent recognition the undergraduates recently received at the Leadership Institute in Scottsdale Arizona:


3.) Community Benefit-  Money will be donated to the Potsdam Hospital, keeping to tradition of helping the community beyond the Clarkson campus.

4.) Money to Fund the Centennial Celebration Itself.

It is because of Alumni support and involvement that the brotherhood once again has a thriving presence at Clarkson University. We would be honored to share in celebrating this momentous occasion with you and would truly appreciate your continued support.

If you have any questions regarding the centennial celebration, please feel free to contact either myself via email, at tldecker08@gmail.com or Rachel Matejcik atmatejcik@clarkson.edu, in the Clarkson University alumni relations office.

Please stay posted by visiting the local fraternity website, lambdadu.org, or by following the undergraduate facebook page, Delta Upsilon - Lambda Iota Chapter at Clarkson University.

For the Centennial Committee

Fraternally yours,

Travis Decker, '18



I am looking into two hat designs.  One on blue and one on maroon caps.  A circular patch alone is too symmetrical & Blah for a hat.  For the moment I’m just looking into something available for sale rather than included in registration.  For now I need to see what size the patch must be for enough detail recognition.  I’d like it to be 2.5 x 2.75. I’ll be more explicit when I get some feedback.  In both cases the patch is the same, only difference is color of hat.  The background shown will not be on the patch decal.

CC: Travis

Patch on a blue Cap

Patch on a maroon Cap