Florida Alumni Web Page

Clarkson College of Technology
and Clarkson University
  1. 1. The home page describes the web site.  To come back to the site just type into your browser bar and hit the return key.

  2. 2.Save it as a favorite to return to it easily without having to type into the browser bar each time you wish to access the site.  Note: On some computers and/or browsers it has been found that pointers sometimes lock into a version and don’t change to new updates.  It is recommended to occassionaly discard those favorites, enter the site and resave it as a favorite.

  3. 3.If it says your browser is not current enough to use this site and offers another, download them and use that browser for this web site.  This site has been tested by other brothers using the current M.S. Explorer, Safari & Foxfire.

  4. 4.To navigate between the many pages simply click the tab for the page you want on top for the page.

  5. 5. The “link page” contains related external links.  When you access them you are taken off our site to theirs.  To return to our site, simply use your browsers left  (back) arrow key until you see the our  link page or retype into the browser.  The content has been expanded to show different attractions in the area during your stay.

  6. 6. All upcoming Reunion News for future events are found in ALUMNI NEWS and will no longer appear under the menu bar with its own page.

  7. 7.The various Lambda reunion books contains pictures from the reunions that can be downloaded to your computer. To download a photo, double click on it to enlarge it and click on “download” link.  It will download it to where your computer saves its downloads.

  8. 8.Fraternity “Archives” found on the PHOTOS page contains downloadable B&W college photos. and in the future all composites. Same instructions as in “7.”

  9. 9.For those who have a DSL or Cable connected Service like Spectrun, oponline, camcast, Frontier, etc; your service will be the fastest to download  & View the pictures.  If you have a “dial up” service like aol, frontiernet, etc: some may  not be as fast and require more time to view or download pictures.  Nothing can solve that but a faster service.  Everyone should be able to access the reunion news”, Contacts & Links pages at a reasonable wait time.

  10. 10.If any pages give you trouble please let me know.  The only problems we have seen is using an older version of a browser which was usually corrected with the browser upgrade.


Use of The Lambda Iota / DU Web Site