2009 Kenny Nims Miracle Goal


Brothers Dave ’59 and Don Nims ’58  followed their dad to Clarkson in the mid 50’s.  Like their dad, they too joined Lambda Iota (Delta Upsilon).  Dave Nim’s son Tommy Nims was an outstanding LaCrosse player from Watertown, NY and followed his dream to play Div.I LaCrosse going on to Syracuse.  Tom was in goal for Syracuse when they won their first National Championship in 1984.  Tom passed away at a very early age with complications from diabetes.  In his absence, Kenny’s grandparents Dave ’59 and Carole attended all his games.

Kenny’s dream was to follow his dad to Syracuse to also win a National Championship in LAX.  Twenty fives years later, wearing his dad’s number 10, Kenny led the nation in scoring including a miracle goal in the last few seconds to tie the game and allowing Syracuse to win its 10th National Championship.  One more honor beyond MVP was to be the no.1 pick in the professional LAX draft that year.

Kenny had he come to Clarkson would have been a triple legacy at DU and undoubtably would have set some Clarkson scoring records.


Use the link above to see the tying goal in the dieing seconds of the game & the game winner.