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What originally started as an attempt by four, 1959, Florida, Lambda alumni to get together for a weekend; has blossomed into an annual event attended by over 60 brothers with their spouses.  We have branched out from the class of ’59 to include other classes mostly in their retirement years (from the early 50s to the early 70s) but open to all brothers that can make it. 

As stated by Jack Eikenberg '59  (Master of Ceremonies) at the 2006 dinner address:

During the Spring of 1956, nearing the end of our Freshman year, a group of hopeful young men attended Clarkson's fraternity rush rituals, with the intent of learning the best fraternity situation for each of us personally, and, then hoping to be selected by the House of our choice.

We were from differing backgrounds and two countries.  Some were scholarship athletes placing the candidacy in high status.  Others knew members from back home who were familiar with our high school performances.  Others just stood out.  All of us were bright eyed, wishful and eager to join in on fraternity life.

We were individually selected for membership by Lambda Iota, Clarkson's leading fraternity in nearly every measurable activity.  That event most likely fueled a lifelong quest in and for an active, contributory adult life.  In retrospect, how were the older brothers so wise to choose each of us?  Regardless of reason, the fraternal results are evident tonight, some 50 years later.  Here we are, once again, a bit heavier, a bit balder, a little slower, but still in tact, still functional, and still brothers.

For some of us this will be the first time seeing each other in 50 years.  Here's to strong health and happiness for you and yours!  Clancy and Ma Hughes would want no less.

For others it will be the first time meeting some of our brothers and witness the origin of the legacy and how it was handed down.

This site has been designed for communicating annual reunion details and secondly as a way for the brothers to stay connected.  

To get the latest information on the upcoming Florida reunion just go to the “2016 FL Reunion” page. We will keep it current with the latest information.  

Other pages listed are there to download reunion information, photos or published Lambda Iota / DU Alumni Contact information.  

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